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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact the Help Desk?

Call (800) 264-7516
8:00AM -5:00PM LOCAL Time, Monday - Friday
E-mail: for help desk remote access

Can a user be logged into multiple computers at the same time?

Yes. A user can use the same username and password to log into our system from multiple computers at the same time.

Does each employee need to have their own email address when signing up as a new user?

Yes. Each user must have a unique email on the new Infinity Agents site. This email does not have to be with any specific domain and users can use their personal email address if necessary. The requirement for email addresses is for account security purposes. All Access Users and Admin Users can disable an account at any time to prevent access to the site.

How is an owner set up for multiple locations?

For an owner to see multiple locations, the owner must be set up under the parent location as an "All Access User (AAU)". Agents set up at a parent location have access to locations set up as children of that location. If you are set up at a parent location and cannot see child locations, please contact Agency Licensing.

If a user can access multiple locations and wants to make a payment for a customer, can they select which bank sweep account to pull from?

No. Currently, no matter which location the agent or CSR takes the payment at, the sweep will pull from the location the policy was set up at. For example, if an insured begins his policy at agency A and makes a payment at agency B, the money will be deposited at agency B but will be charged from agency A's sweep account.

We are having trouble viewing the site on Internet Explorer...

Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported by Microsoft and does not support many of the new features requested by many of our users. We highly recommend upgrading to a modern browser for better security and usability. Most modern browsers are free, easy to install and can quickly import your current bookmarks. If you are using Windows XP (also no longer supported by Microsoft) and you cannot upgrade at this time to a more recent version of Windows which would include a modern version of Internet Explorer, you can easily download and install either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

When using Internet Explorer 11, we keep getting logged out of the site every few secon...

Internet Explorer 11 has changed the way that it handles cookies and turns them off by default. Our site (as well as many other major sites - like Amazon) requires cookies to store and maintain feature information such as when you logged in, if you have seen an alert message, and policy report data.

We are using Internet Explorer, but the site does not look right. What is happening?

The browser is more than likely set up to be in "compatibility mode" which makes the browser act like an older browser. Microsoft recommends using this mode ONLY when you are viewing very old websites. To fix this, go to the Tools menu option and ensure "Compatibility View" is not selected (if it is selected, it usually has an indicator – such as a check mark – next to it in the menu). Next, go to "Compatibility View Settings" and check two things:
i) that is NOT included in the "Websites you've added to Compatibility View" section AND
ii) that "Display all websites in Compatibility View" is NOT selected.

When setting up an account with the new Infinity Agents, do the credentials for the real time rater (Bridge Software) also need to be changed?

No. The real time rater will continue to work with the same password that it has in the past. There is no need to change any password settings for your real time rater applications.

When setting up an account for the first time, the email address or username was set up incorrectly. Can the email address or username be changed without deleting the account?

If the account has not completed registration, contact your BDR or Help Desk to have the email address and or username updated and ask for a new registration email to be sent. If the account has already been registered, you can edit your account's email and username from the "Manage User Profile" page. Email addresses can be re-used as long as they are not in use by another person in our system. Usernames must always be unique and may not be re-used.

When we try to reuse an email address, it said that it was not allowed. Can we change or re-use email addresses?

Email addresses can be re-used as long as they are not in use by another person in our system.

I have an agency with two or more locations but none of them show up in the drop downs...

This situation can be caused by one of two issues.
i) Your user account has been set up at a child agency. You will need to have your BDR or Admin user move your user account to the parent agency in your agency tree. OR
ii) The agency locations have not been linked properly at the licensing level. In this case, have your BDR or Admin User contact Agency Licensing to correct your agency tree.

Once an Easy Street account has been linked to a username, can it be unlinked?

Yes. To unlink Easy Street from your Infinity Agents account, please contact Easy Street Customer Care at 800-782-2040 ext 38442.

Since there are unique logins now, will policy changes now document which user made which changes?

This functionality is not currently available but is under development.

Does the new system allow a receipt to be printed or emailed to the insured?

Yes. Once a payment has been successfully received, the option to print or email a receipt is presented to the user.

What if a classic policy cannot be found by last name (e.g. the policy can be found by policy ID, but not by last name)?

If a classic policy cannot be found by last name, try searching by first name since sometimes names for classic polices are stored as "LastName, FirstName" and sometimes as "FirstName LastName".

What if a user is not getting their daily report emails?

If a user is not getting their daily report emails after account migration, they need to re-sign up for daily reports on the "Manage User Profile" page available on the menu bar under the username above the "Logout" link. Note: The ability to subscribe for daily email reports is limited by user role. Currently you have to be ADM or AAU in order to subscribe to daily email reports.

Why does the user receive message indicating they are being logged out due to inactivity, even though they just logged in?

If you are seeing this behavior, it is due to the fact that either the cookies aren't being allowed or the site is being prevented from setting cookies. Double check that the browser isn't blocking cookies and that cookies are allowed.